How to Get the Most out of ARCSI/ISSA 2015 Convention & Tradeshow

In just five short days, our team will be taking the floor of the ARCSI/ISSA 2015 convention and tradeshow in Las Vegas! We can’t wait to spend a week learning from all of the best in the industry and meeting everyone. This event is such a great opportunity for businesses all over the country to grow and make connections with others within the cleaning industry. Each year ARCSI and ISSA bring together a valuable mix of entrepreneurs, business owners, and leading industry specialists to create a business development event you can’t miss!
Before we hit the road we thought we would share with you what we are most looking forward to and where to find us at the event! This year we are excited to partner with ARCSI and ISSA as a convention sponsor and bring more information to YOU about MaidSuite. So lets get right to it!
Speakers you shouldn’t miss!
  1. What Kind of Leader Are You? by Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor on Tuesday from 8:30- 9:30 AM: This should give some great insight on how to be a better leader within the workplace and how to turn your weaknesses into strengths! 
  2. Our very own Co-Founder, Kristen Hadeed, will be presenting “Bridging The Millennial Gap: Generation Y. Generation “Me”. Millennials” on Tuesday from 4:15 – 5 pm. She will share her insight about millennials within the workforce and how she has learned to empower the millennials that work for her within her cleaning company, Student Maid.  
  3. Tackle Time Management by Liz Trotter of American Maid Cleaning should be a great breakout session. And lets confess, we could all use a little help with time management and who doesn’t love a session that is all about learning the practical ways to DO IT instead of sitting and taking notes. 
  4. Of course who would want to miss none other than Kevin O’Leary in his closing keynote Friday afternoon at 1pm!! ( How You Can Be a Successful Entrepreneur at Everything You Do) This is certain to be a great closing to the week as he shares what it takes to be successful in todays economy from his background as an investor on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. 
If you are attending the convention, be sure to stop by and see us! We are offering some great discounts for convention attendees and we can’t wait to meet all of you! Stop by our booth
  • Monday evening at the welcome reception


  • Tuesday evening at the round table discussions

to play Vegas themed “MaidSuite Slots”, WIN great prizes, and even sign up for Kristen Hadeed’s exclusive course “5 Tips for Cleaning Businesses” only for convention attendees.

HINT HINT: Prizes will include discounts on MaidSuite, Exclusive consulting packages with Kristen Hadeed, and more! You don’t want to miss it.

Keep an eye on our social media pages (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM) all of next week for live updates from the show! We hope to see you there!

The Key to Scheduling Smarter

Take a look at all of the gadgets on the market today. After browsing the aisles, you may begin to notice an underlying trend. “Smart”. From phones and tablets to watches, televisions, thermostats, and software, we are moving into an era where everything is advertised to be smart. So what exactly does “Smart” mean in this context? Loosely the meaning of smart has to do with the objects ability to accomplish something greater. In the case of a television for instance, it has been equipped with applications, shortcuts, and other handy tools to make your viewing experience more seamless. It eliminates the need for a middle source to perform everyday tasks such as watching movies or playing music. And this is great! Suddenly our every day lives are a little simpler. We are no longer juggling 5 remotes trying to figure out which one turns on the DVD player, sifting through our cabinet of endless movies that aren’t even in the right cases, just to end up frustrated with the result.

You may be asking yourself, “What do smart televisions have to do with scheduling?”. To be honest, they really don’t unless you begin to think about the underlying connection. Why have we embraced smart technologies in our personal lives, but draw a line when those technologies are presented to our businesses.


What is the Problem?: Do you find yourself spending several hours a day in front of a calendar just trying to figure out how to create a schedule that will balance the needs of your employees while keeping your customers happy? Has it become a long and tireless task everyone wants to avoid? Have you ever stopped to think, “There has to be a better way to do this”? We understand your frustration!

Studies show that many businesses spend upwards of 5-10 hours per work week on scheduling alone! This is time taken away from other productive work within the office and time that could be saved. Manual scheduling is not only a time drainer but also create several loopholes for human error.

Take scheduling on paper or even google calendar for an example. When your client calls to book an appointment with you, their focus is time. They would like to know as quickly as possible when you have openings and what employees will be completing the service for them. You may be able to quickly look at your schedule and answer their questions, but will need to rely on your memory of availability, client preference, and other critical client information in order to complete this booking.

What if in addition to this scenario you had an emergency and were unable to be in the office one day. You now have to rely on another employee to create the schedule for you. One who may not have any prior knowledge of your clients or the critical information needed to successfully book the appointment. So why is this such a big problem?To put it simply:


The success of your business and the future growth you so desperately want to achieve will never be possible if your business cannot survive without you at the reigns. You will never have time to research expansion opportunities, network within your area, or any other necessary steps for your business to grow if you can never set foot outside of the office doors and trust your staff with these tasks.

Here is the Solution! Why not take the money spent on payroll for these employees and instead invest it into a scheduling software that can not only drastically reduce the scheduling time of your employees but also make you money in the long run. Welcome to the world of smart scheduling! Just think of the things this simple change will improve within your business.

  • Streamline Your Client Information | You know all those little details you are currently storing in your brain where no one can see them? A scheduling system like MaidSuite can give you a platform to store all of this information. From the clients address, key information, and preferences to pets and more, you will no longer have to find a place to store all of this. Once it has been saved within the clients profile, any manager can view and edit the information. To take it one step further, once you assign an employee to that client’s appointment, they can then view all of the information and submit notes for the manager to edit. No longer will there be a gap in communication between any of the three entities within your business: you, your client’s and your employees. You can have everyone in a cloud based system, accessible from anywhere with internet connection and editable by all managers. This will free up your time and deepen the trust within your team.
  • Empower Your Employees | Your employees are the most valuable part of your service business. Without them you cannot deliver your services, so it is essential to keep them happy! Having a system that takes care of the details allows you to empower your employees! You can allow them to work the flexible schedule they want while MaidSuite makes it simple to schedule appointments around their availability. This will improve your company culture and ensure a better experience for your clients.
  • Automate the Details | Take it one step further and you will see the beauty of automating all the little details you don’t even realize you spend time doing in your business. MaidSuite will: automatically send out appointment reminders to your clients the day before their appointment, email the schedule to your employees every week, notify employees of shifts and time off requests, provide a streamlined dashboard to view all of your appointments, and so much more!

If you are interested in learning more about MaidSuite and taking this quick step to grow your business, sign up for your FREE Trial today!

Scheduling Significance

Software Anywhere


Scheduling can be one of the biggest headaches of running a maid company. And at MaidSuite we work day-after-day to remove that headache from the scheduling process. Still, it is important as a service business owner to realize how much impact the schedule has on your business. Fitting in the most appointments possible or finding the best fit for a client may come to mind first, but more and more companies are figuring out that scheduling is one of the most important aspects of keeping your employees happy.

Even Walmart (not necessarily known for being on the forefront of employee treatment) is getting on board. Walmart is offering fixed scheduling to some of their employees, which is just the tip of the iceberg for what a company can do to make the scheduling process less painful for their employees. It might seem crazy, but the industry consensus is that Walmart’s change to fixed scheduling will benefit their employees more than raising their minimum wage to nine dollars in 2015 and ten dollars in 2016! Clearly scheduling is an area that can have major positive or negative impacts on your employees.

MaidSuite can help you make your employees happier in a number of ways:

  • Managers can now make a shift “open,” allowing employees to request to work specific appointments that are then confirmed by a manager.
  • Employees can be emailed their schedule automatically at a time specified by the manager.
  • Employees can view when they will be working on their mobile devices.
  • Employees can put in time-off-requests and update their availability from their smartphones.
  • Managers can schedule employees for clients they have worked for in the past.
  • Managers can schedule appointments efficiently, making sure employees that are out in the field will have as many hours as they want.

As a manager with a full list of tasks on your daily to-do list, you need a solution that is simple to use and keeps your employees happy long-term. A system that helps manage the schedules you work so hard to create, but also balances the desires of your employees. Without employees a business cannot grow and thrive. It is more important now than ever with the millennial workforce increasing, for your employees to feel they have control over their schedule. To feel their life outside of work has a significance and they are able to grow within their work environment. Why not take the steps today to simplify your schedule so the future of your company is filled with happy employees? Not only will this create a great work environment, but an intuitive system will help relieve the pressure on your managers and create a culture for improvement.

Lessons From A Shark



Recently I had the awesome opportunity to hear Daymond John speak at the University of Florida. If you don’t know who he is (don’t worry, I only know him from my obsession with Shark Tank), Daymond is the founder of the fashion brand FUBU and one of the sharks on Shark Tank. He has experience running and consulting many different businesses, so I was excited to hear what he would have to say. I even got to ask him a question (read on to hear what it was)! He provided a lot of great insight for our company and I think it is applicable for any business out there.

Here is a summary of his 5 SHARK points:

S– Set a goal: Daymond is very adamant about making goal-setting a habit. He suggest making 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals and reading them every morning. I have to say this is very important; it is really easy to live day after day without stepping back and making sure you are headed in the right direction. This is very important for a company as well. If your company isn’t making and working towards goals, it will not do well; and the other companies that are making goals will out-compete you.

H– Do your Homework: Doing your homework means knowing the ins-and-outs of your industry. Read forums to become a cleaning expert, go to conferences to see what other companies are doing, Google your local competitors (or call their customers), and read up on how business is changing in 2015. Think about how to capitalize on these things and stay ahead.

A– Amore: Do what you love! No one wants to work for or get service from a company that hates what it is doing. At MaidSuite, we love to help small businesses succeed and we make sure to remind ourselves that we are doing great things. Maintaining the passion and excitement behind the business is essential for a thriving company. What do you love about your business?

R– Remember that you are the brand! Today we are surrounded with smart phones and social media that record everything that is going on. Make sure you are carrying yourself with integrity, so that your public image is not tarnished. Maintain a positive image that people want to work with.

K– Keep Swimming: Like Dortumblr_inline_nbrqq8UHEy1swfdcky says in Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming!” Running and managing a business is hard, especially in the service industry, where margins can be so low. Keep on working hard to grow your business. At MaidSuite, we are working hard to take care of the details and let you focus your work on the most important aspects of your business.

The last thing I would like to share with you is what I got to ask Daymond! I asked him how a small, new company can compete with larger companies that may have more or different features than they do (which is relevant to MaidSuite). He told me to take advantage of the fact that we are small and figure out what we can offer that the bigger, older companies can’t. For us, that is better customer service! At MaidSuite we work to do everything we can to help your business. We try to respond to emails ASAP, create features that help each of our clients, and now we even provide a customization service. How about your company? What can you offer to your clients that your competitors can’t? I think it is important to think about and to implement.

To hear more about my experience with Daymond, bounce ideas off me, or to find out more about our customization services, email me at!



reThink: Success

We just made our debut public appearance at the reThink:Success Startup Showcase presented by FreshSpark. We had a blast meeting lots of people and would like to thank everyone for coming out to support us and talk to us about our product. Talking about MaidSuite with so many people motivated us to work even harder.


The Founding of MaidSuite

Hey! We’re MaidSuite: the startup that is creating software that does “smart-scheduling” and more for the maid and cleaning services industry. We were founded by Kristen Hadeed of Student Maid, Josh Greenberg of Grooveshark and two full-time software developers, Tim McHugh and Sterling Stokes (pictured below).

MaidSuite Team

The team

We are aiming to bring easy-to-use, beautiful software to an industry that has yet to be improved by technology. We get excited at the thought of saving time for those that work in the maid industry and making the schedules they create more efficient.